PR & Business Portraits

Today more than ever before, PR photography is essential for attracting the attention that businesses require. PR pictures make up the face of a company, whether it be a law firm, a factory, or a flower shop. They reflect the company's unique perspective, its ethos, and the image it strives to present. These pictures can be used for social media, press releases, articles, and advertising in various media outlets. The photoshoot is held in the company's offices so that the company’s executive team and other employees enjoy the benefit of being portrayed in their natural environment, where they feel the most comfortable. If necessary, a portable studio (including special backgrounds) is available and can easily be brought to the offices.

My years of experience working as a photographer with a marketing and PR orientation have given me the skills necessary to ensure that my clients receive perfect images that convey the exact message they are trying to get across. My clients include Shomera Insurance Co., Zoomd, Trax, and many more.