My name is Yaniv Assa.

I’m a photographer based in Berlin/Europe. Specializing in Architecture & Interior Design, PR & Business Portraits. 

Among my clients are the David InterContinental Hotel - Tel Aviv, Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Dubai, Al Bandar Rotana Hotel - Dubai, Holmes Place, Shomera Insurance Co, Trax, Zoomd, Hamburger Evron & Co. law firm, NAM Residential Tower - Tel Aviv, V5 Architects, Architect Amnon Bar-Or, Civil Engineer Yoni Har-Toov and many more.

I always look for the most authentic unique angle, the one that emphasizes what the photographed subject aims to convey, whether it is a person and his particular image and whether it is a space and its distinctive atmosphere. 

The process of acquaintance and experiencing the human connection between me as the photographer and the subject itself, is an integral part of the shooting session in the journey to reveal his unique spark.

My love for photography started somewhere in the early 90' of my childhood, when my father bought me my first camera. It was love at first sight... From that day on, my camera and I became inseparable and I took photos every spare moment I had… Years later, my father, who was so impressed with the close relationship between me and my camera, bought me a webcam for video conversations, and I found myself filming short films and editing them on the computer just for pure enjoyment. Already then it was perfectly clear that ater on, I was studying filmmaking and photography in "Minshar for Art". I have been living, breathing and doing photography ever since.