“I was able to witness and experience Yaniv's artistry and professionalism when he visited Dubai and took pictures of our property.
He produced stunning images, and I was delighted with the result. Almost as if by magic, he turns a plain view into a beautiful still life.
I highly recommend him for his skills and you won't be disappointed if you hire him.
Diane Ong - Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah”

“Yaniv took professional photos of our beloved Al Bandar Rotana 5 Stars Hotel at Dubai’s Creek. It was easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Yaniv is super personable and very talented at his craft. We can’t say enough about how professional Yaniv is and the quality of work that he provides.”

“Yaniv photographed for us several projects of Historic Building Preservation, including the house of the first Israeli president, Chaim Weizmann, a heritage site that due to its historical significance, it was very important for us that it would be photographed in a very professional way.
Yaniv completely satisfied our requirements, both in terms of quality of the photographs and in terms of adherence to the timetable, and we got photos that exceeded all our expectations.
Highly recommended!”

“Yaniv took pictures of an apartment I have designed.
The pictures are super professional, he quickly understood my vision, they reflect a modern and minimalist style, exactly as I expected.
Those pictures got me great feedback and exposure.
It was a real pleasure to work with you Yaniv!”

“I hired Yaniv to photograph a duplex apartment in Tel Aviv.
The pictures he took are simply spectacular.
Yaniv, you are a top photographer and a true artist of your profession.
I enjoyed every moment of working with you!”

“I highly recommend Yaniv.
My company had the opportunity to hire Yaniv for a photoshoot we needed for big announcement;
more than one and a half years later, we’re still using Yaniv’s fantastic images for our website, social media, and every PR item we have.
He quickly understood exactly what we wanted and produced high-quality images that perfectly matched our needs.
Keren Shlush - ZOOMD”

“I did a photoshoot in Berlin with Yaniv and I loved the photos.
As I am an actress, I used them professionally with different agencies for castings for film and for advertisements.
The agencies loved the pictures! Thank you dear Yaniv! 😊👌🏾 Looking forward to make a new session with you!”

“I would definitely recommend Yaniv! I used his services for some headshots as I am an actor and need to refresh my pictures frequently.
I would say, Yaniv was able to get the most out of what a good balance between camera and lighting can, but still leaving a close to natural look as possible.
Thank you! ❤”

“I worked with Yaniv a few times and I definitely recommend doing photoshoots with him.
He is professional, talented and also personally he is a great person to work with.”

“Yaniv did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable at my photo shoot and came up with creative ways to fix my hair and outfits...he has a super good eye and will make you look good even if you are having a bad day!”

“Yaniv is a very professional photographer.
He will get the best out of you during the shooting set, mostly with his positive energies.
This is not my first time doing a photoshoot for my acting career, but it is my first time enjoying it so much.
I felt confidante, relaxed and in good hands.
I recommend booking your next photoshoot with Yaniv. I'm sure that he has more surprises up his sleeves that we will only find out as time passes by.”

“Yaniv did the headshots for my acting portfolio. I had a wonderful experience, and it was so much fun to work with him! Yaniv is a very intelligent person and has the ability to immediately understand his subject and their needs. He also creates a warm, welcoming, and super fun atmosphere, which allows you to relax and enjoy spending time in front of the camera. Yaniv is incredibly professional and he really cares about his subjects. The headshots he did for me look amazing, and my agent was very impressed!”

“Yaniv and I worked together on a project during a film festival in Berlin.
As a Photographer, Yaniv has a unique sense of aesthetics. His matchings between compositions, people and spaces is truly amazing.
He combines real professionalism with great character. definitely recommend working with him.”

“Yaniv and I have worked on a couple of creative projects both as behind the camera and also me being in front.
He has great eye for framing and as well as cinematic and studio style lighting but what I love working with him is that there is a sense of comfort in creating and working together, which helps in creating the results to look more natural.
I would highly recommend working with him.”